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Serious Problem – Warning!

Many of our people will start reading this and immediately say – not my child.

The reality of the situation is, especially nowadays when we are so busy and don’t have time for each other, our children are in no better situation than others.

Cutting to the point, please take the following very seriously:

– Middle school and high school students live in the moment and act in a moment, therefore the suicide rate is very high. Their brains not fully developed, if not taken care of, can lead them to commit such an act because of littlest of things. A girl once committed suicide after she received her first menstrual period. It’s common for children whose parents have gone through or are going through divorce, also to commit such an act.
So, things can be insignificant or significant – to them at that moment it may be the end of the world. Be observant of your kids and listen to them closely – talk to them and don’t push them.

– Believe it or not, middle school and especially high school students, often end up in a situation to try some type of illegal drugs. This can very easily lead to using drugs like heroin and cocaine,  which in most cases leads to death. These type of drugs are such that after a person starts using and cannot stop, even if by some miracle and great self-control one is able to stop, when they try it again and in most cases they do, the smallest dose can kill them instantly. It puts that person and his or her family in a situation where whatever you choose leads to death. This is one reality in which you really do not have a good choice.  We are not even going to go into what those who are using will do in order to acquire these drugs – it is so degrading and disgusting and awful. Make sure your children are aware of this, otherwise you and they could regret it…

– Middle schoolers watch pornography in the halls of their schools. If they don’t look for it themselves,  they see it on the phones of others. Most don’t know, but just like there is AA (alcohol anonymous) there is SA (sex anonymous).  An organization which treats those addicted to sex.  In other words, sex or sexual activity is addicting. It can become a big problem. This problem can remain and lead a person to sex before marriage, early pregnancy and even to a modern trend of choosing what to be regardless of how you were born as a boy or a girl. Forgive us for concentrating a little on this last phenomena but the reality is, our society today encourages young people to choose their sexuality regardless of how they were born – thus encouraging homosexuality. Do not be surprised, you as a parent may be saying one thing,  but the rest of the world in which our children live is saying another. If the child does not feel your love and does not have trust in you, the child may easily listen to the world in which it lives,  and after a while start believing it. Talk to your children about these things and consult and ask advice from your parish priest.

Our Diocesan Youth department is unable to cover every detail in these topics and other topics which are as important, so please spend a little time and research on the things mentioned above –  it may save the life of your child. It is not easy being a teenager – those of us who have gone through that stage have forgotten how tough it was for us at times. Please, don’t take it lightly – be there for your children.

With love in Christ,

V. Rev. Dragan Petrovic
Director of diocesan youth department